Women's Apparel & Accessories

Alterations • Embroidery • Custom Designing


Our alteration experts have experience of over 25 years!  Every day of the week, our alteration experts are available to fulfill your alteration needs.  Consultations, Measuring and Pinning up are provided daily. Same day service is also provided (depending on the type of alteration). 
We alter, repair and re-size clothing for men, women, children and business partners.

We perform alteration and tailoring of business and casual clothing, including:
• Dresses and Skirts 
• Slacks, Pants, Trousers and Shorts 
• Suits, Jackets, Shirts and Blouses 
• Mending, repairs, reconditioning and patches
• Jeans buttons, hem, zippers and patching
• Bathing Suits
• Costumes
• Police, fire, EMS, military, private school, commercial uniforms & clerical robes

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